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Industrial Cleaning Products

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Industrial Cleaning Products

Car wash machines are high pressure water machines used in many areas today. Thanks to its strong water pressure, it facilitates cleaning works and significantly reduces the burden of businesses and individuals. Our ROTOWASH company is a Turkish company that produces 87.5% domestically. Customer satisfaction is always a priority and indispensable principle at Rotowash, which has a constantly rising momentum with the knowledge and experience of many years.

High-pressure water machines, generally known as car washes or car washes, are used in many sectors and fields today, apart from car wash companies. High pressure washing machine takes its place among the fixtures of many institutions and organizations because it is very effective in cleaning processes. It offers higher performance and shorter cleaning time with less consumption.

In general, high pressure washers are preferred for heavy car washes and large vehicle washes.

Using a Rotowash high pressure washer:
• Poultry, house cleaning,
• Construction machinery cleaning,
• Sidewalk, road, etc. area cleaning,
• Cleaning the garbage container,
• Incident and accident site cleaning,
• Equipment and machine cleaning,
• Workshop cleaning,
• External cleaning,
• Service workshop cleaning,
• Facade cleaning,
• Swimming pool cleaning,
• Sports facility cleaning,
• Cleaning of production facilities,

You can provide great benefits to your business and yourself in all of its transactions. Car washes are very efficient machines as long as they are used correctly. Thanks to our long-lasting and high-quality products, you can successfully carry out your cleaning work for many years and benefit greatly from your operating costs.

The Rotowash line of car washes makes the most of the technique and quality the company has accumulated over the years as a manufacturer of car wash systems. With the difference of Rotowash, you can get the most accurate equipment required for your business by meeting with our professional team, and you can get detailed information about our products by visiting our factory on site. We would be very happy to see you among our hundreds of satisfied customers at home and abroad.

Have professional and cost-effective car wash facilities under your own management with Rotowash cleaning systems! With our innovative solutions, you decide how your washing installation will look. Consider our indoor or outdoor cleaning systems, self-service washing machines option for commercial or domestic use.

Discover the myriad benefits for yourself, the owner and your customers. Our user-friendly washing facilities are of exceptional quality and are proven completely environmentally friendly. Examples of its environmentally friendly nature include water collection, less water consumption, treatment and reuse. The latest washing technologies and low maintenance costs complete your dreams. We offer you professional solutions for a green, cost-effective car wash facility under your own management.

Rotowash is the one place to go for a complete, efficient and cost-saving project from A to Z. We are constantly developing solutions to improve our washing facilities and increase ease of use for you and your customers. Coin operated washing machines are one of the best alternatives we offer you at this step. You will get rid of a big load thanks to our self-service, coin-operated car washes without the need for any personnel and personnel costs. Our self-service car washes are tailor-made to meet the needs of our individual customers in terms of size, design, number of stations and available space.

Self-service car washes are popular with drivers, so they are a profitable business. It does not require you to employ a car wash staff as it is self-service. The driver washes the car himself. Everything runs smoothly without the owner or a staff member, so you have time to get more involved with your business. Container car washes are recommended for high and medium traffic areas. They are perfect when you want to have multiple compartments. The entire mechanism of the car wash system is hidden in a special container. Thanks to this solution, the use of car washes is very comfortable (especially in winter). It can also increase the security of cash transactions. This type of car wash will undoubtedly attract more customers to your business.