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Service and Repair

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Service and Repair

AKI INDUSTRY; With its professional technical service staff, it provides technical service, breakdown, periodic maintenance, repair, repair and spare parts services for screw, piston and diesel compressors of all brands 24/7.

We work with the goal of 24/7 service. We respond to malfunction requests within Denizli within 2 hours at the latest, and within 12 hours at the latest for malfunction requests coming from outside Denizli.

Periodic maintenance and repair services prevent problems that have arisen or are likely to arise in the compressor, and intervene in advance.

Our technical service, which is fast, reliable and aims to solve your problems by giving importance to your satisfaction, provides honest and quality service. Our compressor technical service, which provides maintenance service for all kinds of compressors, provides service for screw, piston and turbo compressors. As Vizyon, customer satisfaction is always our priority and it is our most basic rule to provide quality service during and after the technical support phase.

In addition, it is very important that the repair, maintenance and revision processes of the screw groups of compressors of all brands are carried out with original and high quality materials. Aki Industry provides service, repair, maintenance and repair services in accordance with the techniques specified by the manufacturer.

The damages on the cover parts of the screw groups can be repaired in accordance with the original and restored to their original state, and the operations are carried out in accordance with the metal type of the material.

Regular maintenance of compressors is very important for efficiency and longevity of the machine. Aki Industry Maintenance Service, which saves businesses from major damages due to compressor failures with its economical maintenance services, provides periodic maintenance services for all brands of compressors.

It is one of the most important points in repair and repair services that the Reciprocating Compressor revisions are carried out using original materials, piston, ring replacement, connecting rod bearing bearing replacement, crank replacement, cylinder honing, liner fastening, etc.
The quality and equipment of the materials we use and our operations are carried out with a guarantee.