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Plumbing Contracting

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Plumbing Contracting

Compressed air installation, the cost of the main piping network (usually) constitutes a high proportion (proportion) of the installation (establishment) cost of the compressed air system.
creates. Choosing a small pipe diameter reduces the investment cost; however, the operating cost of the compressed air system increases as the pressure loss in the system increases as the pipe diameter gets smaller. As a result, the cost savings to be made by choosing a small pipe diameter at the beginning will soon lose its meaning, as it will be below the operating cost increase due to pressure losses.

In a new or remodeled facility, the piping layout of the compressed air installation (steam, water, etc. than the pipe network and electrical connections) should be planned as a priority; otherwise, the main pipe network should be made roundabout so that it does not overlap with other pipe networks and electrical connections; This leads to increased pressure losses.
Compressed air installation main piping can be of two types:
(a) A single supply line to the point of use or points.
(b) The main piping network in a Circle (Ring) arrangement.
For installations close to the point of use and supply (compressor) location, a single-line main pipe network is sufficient. In this case, the pipe diameter must be large (or larger) to ensure that the pressure loss value to be found according to the highest amount of air (flow rate) to pass through the pipe is less than the maximum allowable pressure loss. The entire pipe network must be well supported.

Compressed air is used as one of the important energy sources of machines in many industrial facilities and workshops. The main equipment of compressed air installation is filter, compressor, air tank and dryer. Compressed air is supplied by a compressor.
Piston and screw type compressors are generally used in compressed air installations. Compressor type is determined according to the air pressure, air consumption and consumption variability to be used in the facility and the installation contracting works are successfully implemented by our company.

Compressed air installation is also required for torches required for annealing, melting and welding works made using natural gas in many jewelers, mineral processing and various workshops. Torches, whose air pressure cannot be adjusted correctly, may cause damage to the user as a result of incorrect manufacturing.
We provide convenience to manufacturing companies by installing central compressed air installations in CNC, press, plastic injection, zamak injection, casting machine, reciprocating machines and metal cooling processes in factories producing in various sectors.