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Compressor and Equipment

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Compressor and Equipment

Aki Compressor  is the authorized sales and service distributor of Dalgakıran Compressor brand.

Producing safe compressors is a top priority for Dalgakıran. Dalgakıran's research and development studies on compressor safety consider both active and passive safety. These studies begin with the analysis of human behavior and continue with technology development. It aims to improve the human-machine interface relationship. As a result, a safe operation is ensured. What's more, new model prototypes must pass rigorous safety tests before the compressor is approved to begin production. Having all CE Certificates, Dalgakıran products are subjected to electrical safety tests such as LV (Low Voltagel) and EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) together with the Machinery Directive in accordance with this certificate.

Dalgakıran has a proactive system that shapes the development of the compressed air industry, thanks to its capacity to produce at international standards and its power to meet the flexible market demands in the industry, and the importance it attaches to R&D projects and investments.

Dalgakıran products are reliable. ISO 9001:2008 within the scope of international standards, aiming to be of high quality, robust, efficient and environmentally friendly. ISO 14001:2005. With the OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 27001:2013 audits, it aims at customer satisfaction in the light of the principle of continuous improvement.

Adopting an efficient and high quality structure at every stage of production, Dalgakıran prioritizes quality with continuous improvement. In addition to eliminating waste with its lean production approach, it also makes the production system respectful to nature and provides customers with the highest quality of Dalgakıran products. ensures that it complies with reliability and durability standards.

Screw assembly installed on a closed area of ​​25 thousand m2. With its piston assembly, reciprocating head manufacturing, pressure tank manufacturing line and sheet metal processing facility, automatic paint lines, machining facilities and its production capacity, Dalgakıran is one of the companies with the largest integrated facilities in the compressed air sector in Turkey and its nearby geography.
Dalgakıran Production System was established on the principle of producing the demand as much as the need quickly with high standards of quality with just in time (JIT) production methodology and delivering it to the right place when requested. This concept represents a radical break from traditional production systems that require large-scale inventories to produce as much as possible on production lines.

DALGAKIRAN Compressed Air Equipment
Direct Driven Screw Compressors with Inverter, Screw Compressors with Tank, Screw Compressors with Dryer, Screw Compressors without Tank,
Portair Series Portable Screw Compressors, Scroll Compressors, Oil Free Screw Compressors, Single and Double Stage Piston Compressors, High Pressure Piston Compressors, Wave Series Marine Compressors, Booster Piston Compressors, Pet Plus Series Compressors, as Compressor Optionals (Water Cooling, Heat Recovery) There are also Heat Recovery (External Kit), Soft Start and Heater options. Air Tanks 10-15-40 BAR, Compressed Air Dryers, High Pressure Air Dryers, Heatless Chemical Air Dryers, Modular Heatless Chemical Air Dryers, Blower Purge Chemical Air Dryers , Recirculating (Thermal Mass) Air Dryers, Digital Scroll Air Dryers, High Pressure Air Filters, Flanged Filters, Water Separators, Flange Water Separators, Sterile Filters, Hopcalite Filters, Activated Carbon Tower, Degreaser Unit, PSA Nitrogen Generator included in compressor equipment are our product groups.