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Air Tools

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Air Tools

Since its founding in the United States in 1901, Chicago Pneumatic has truly gone global. From helping build many of America's landmarks to our current international presence, Chicago Pneumatic has always emphasized local service to build our global reach. Today, you will find us wherever you operate!

At Chicago Pneumatic, our goal is to provide best-in-class global services to our customers in the vehicle maintenance, industrial manufacturing and construction industries, with a dedicated portfolio of products and a strong network of approved distributors. With our many years of experience, we add additional value to you by providing the best solutions to meet your needs.

Our employees start every new day with the motivation to research, develop, produce and present products that will meet your current and future needs. No matter what industry you are in, we want you to grow your business. CP serves three main segments: production, maintenance and construction and demolition. To meet the specific needs of these segments, we offer a complete portfolio of quality-assured, durable products. Strict testing and quality inspections are implemented as standard in all CP engineering, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales processes to ensure high performance at all times.

Chicago Pneumatic Tools offers hundreds of air tools designed for a wide range of uses: Impact nutrunners, ratchets, air screwdrivers, drills, grinders and much more. The new Chicago Pneumatic Industrial Tools catalog also includes hydraulic equipment for heavy bolting applications in the fuel, gas, petrochemical, wind power, power plants, mining and construction industries.

Pneumatic tools (Pneumatic impact wrenches, Pneumatic torque wrenches, Pneumatic ratchet wrenches, Pneumatic screwdrivers, Pneumatic drills, Pneumatic grinding motors, Pneumatic sanding and polishing machines, Pneumatic abrasive tools, Special tools, Pneumatic cutting tools, Pneumatic riveting tools)
Air motor solutions
Workshop equipment (Lifting equipment, Wheel jacks, Workshop presses, Torque wrenches, Reinforcing devices, Work lights)
Cordless & Power tools ( Cordless impact wrenches, Cordless torque wrenches, Cordless drills, Cordless grinders, Electric polishers
air line network,
We provide Hydraulic Bolting Solutions.