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Automation and Modification

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Automation and Modification

One of the biggest consumption points in an industrial facility is the compressors that provide the air requirement of the facility. For this reason, the efficient operation of the compressors greatly affects the electrical efficiency of the facility.
The efficiency of a compressor is measured in m3 of air produced per kWh consumed by the compressor. For this; The output air flow rates of the compressors should be measured as instant "m3/h" and total "m3", and the electricity consumed from the inlet should be measured and recorded as "kW" and "kWh".
In addition, another factor affecting the operating efficiency of the compressor is the altitude (air pressure), ambient temperature and humidity of the compressor. Therefore, measuring these parameters also provides clearer results.
If an automation application is planned for the efficient operation of a compressor group, it should be controlled continuously by PLC according to the required air flow, by the variable speed control method (frequency converter) if screwed, and by the control of the air inlet flaps if it is Turbo.
As AKİ ENDÜSTRİ, our company; With its experienced team and the experience gained from dozens of applications, it performs automation and modification applications for the most efficient operation of the compressors in your facility. It is also possible to continuously monitor and report the system with the flowmeter, energy analyzer and temperature/humidity measuring devices that we install.

It has the ability to manage with automation systems for multiple compressors up to 4-12-24 compressors. metacentre dco implements single-band technology using a high-precision pressure sensor. The pressure sensor used as a standard works in the range of 4-20 mA. (Each compressor in the system must be equipped with a load/unload regulation system or an electromechanical pressure switch with remote load/unload control.).